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Monday, April 20, 2009

Musical Musings

We attended "Celtic Fire", put on by the Pierre Schryer band and the K-W Symphony Orchestra. It was phenomenal, with a traditional dancer, double bass, acoustic guitar, trumpet, and multi-talented whistle, drum, etc. playing young man, as well as the fiddler himself. We first went for dinner at Sole. It is this funky little bistro in downtown Waterloo. They had an amazing mixed greens salad with fresh cranberries, goat cheese, candies waluts, and a balamic reduction. We also had a pizza made with feta, fresh black olives, and artichokes. It was scrumptious.

We had been given a set of tickets by the Welcome Wagon lady. It was perhaps the most valuable item in our 'basket'. The $10 gift card to Giant Tiger was nice, the mug now holds the kids' crayons. We were gift a note for a free key cutting for a Home Hardware across town (there is one at the end of our subdivision). Lots of pens and magnets. And an oil change certificate that expired before either of our vehicles needed an oil change.

All in all, it was a beautiful evening. Of course, almost anything sans bebes is pretty fantastic :) 1. 2.
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