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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hold the Coffee, Please...

Today's blog entry is a reflection of annoyance and a general question, rather than the deep and profound ideas I usually spout here.

We are in a recession, no secret there. During this time, our socialist government seeks to prop up our economy and slow the downward spiral by investing in a multitude of infrastructure projects, some with more merit than others.

Why then, oh why, have all of the rest stops on the 401, beginning after Woodstock headed westward, been torn down and not replaced? There is nothing headed eastward, until well on to Toronto. These bits of antiquity were in desperate need of repair, to be sure, but where are they now? In a season when tourism will begin again, why would you hamper people from travel? Spend your money here, say the ad campaigns. Visit Ontario, says another. And to truly add insult to injury, the mammoth sign on the side of the road, warning to 'Take a Rest Fatigue Kills'. Where exactly would you like a body to rest? In the ditch?

The tear down of these aging structures begin last spring and hasn't progressed past the piles of dirt covered in tarps stages since. Had private industry been given the reigns, I can almost guarantee that the rest stops would be up and running again in six weeks or less.

Perhaps our many government officials would like to go to Windsor (if they can find it) or Kitchener and sit down for coffee. Then see how far down the highway they can make it before the lack of rest stops becomes a very pressing issue. 1. 2.
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