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Monday, March 2, 2009

Cool Stools

We just made a trip to IKEA in Burlington. I'm not sure we'll go back to that location, given a choice, but it was a pretty cool trip anyways. This particular location is not a 'full service' IKEA. While they carry most of the stuff, they don't have all of the colours or options available. It worked well enough for our purposes, but I suffer from a terminal case of the 'what ifs'. As in, what if I liked the other colour better? What if I saw something else I had wanted more? You know how it goes. You are actually happy with your purchases, but are always looking for other options. I like to label myself a victim of our materialistic society. Helps me avoid accepting blame, I guess...

At any rate, we found these very cool, wooden, stools, for the kids to use. They are always wanting to help in the kitchen, but kitchens are built for adults, not so much little people. These stools provide them with a sturdy standing surface. We have rubbed them with linseed oil (stool on left) and will put the traction grippy tape on them soon. What we didn't count on is that they also make excellent little tables. The kids have imaginations that obviously exceed my own. They love them. For $20 apiece, I'm figuring they were a darn good investment. 1. 2.
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