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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And the Party Train Rolls On...

My 'Lyza Girl turns two whole years old tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. She arrived 2 1/2 weeks early and hasn't stopped since. She is my Everyday Diva, sporting skirts and pretty bling at every opportunity. She is my Disaster Waiting to Happen, creating chaos out of the most innocuous situations. She is my Tiny Tempest, with the ability to reach vocal heights the world's finest opera singers would be proud of.

She is also a charmer. Men of the world, beware; when this little girl turns those hazel eyes your way, shakes that curly blonde hair, and pouts her bottom lip, there are few mortal men able to resist. She is her brother's confidante and strength, quietly giving him the courage to venture out into unknown places. She is mommy's shadow; cleaning, shopping, cooking, and whatever else fills up our day. She is daddy's princess, running full tilt into his arms when arrives home from any length of absence.

And most of all, she is just Elyza Jane... 1. 2.
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