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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sew What?

Sew, I've been in the basement again, sewing away in my little corner. This time, I've produced some fabric books; seven Christmas ones and four every day themed ones. These are a relatively simple project, if only I could be convinced to follow the instructions. First, I managed to sew the pages inside out. Then, a couple have been sew upside down. Still others I went 'outside the lines' and had to re-sew them entirely. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

A woman I know often laments that she cannot sew. I laugh at this. She creates some incredibly beautiful wearable works of art, putting to shame my meagre needle and thread offerings. You can see her work at
I would sell my offspring for skills like that. But then, we're always wanting what we don't have, aren't we?

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