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Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick but Chilly

I have been promising my girl for a few days now that I would take her to the park.  Today, when it is a mere 11 C outside, we went.  I bundled the two of them up and away we went.  Across the crazy busy road.  To the park that boasts exactly one slide, one dirty little play house, one teeter totter, two swings, and one weird little dinosaur thingy.  And lots of dirty, wet sandy underneath.

They had a blast

First, we went on the one of two swings that are there

E3 loved it

Here he is, contemplating his options at this wee park.

E2 loves the slide.  She picks out her own outfits, yes.  Why do you ask?

When they started huddling together for warmth (after about 10 minutes) I made an executive decision to head home.  And make hot chocolate.  With marshmallows.

And thus, mama has kept her word.  And her sanity. 1. 2.
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