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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Little On The Side

This is a simple little side dish that has been kicking around my mother's cookbook for a few years.  Surely this is the magic bullet for getting kids to eat vegetables.

Again, simple, highly detailed instructions.  Don't ask me what 3530 stands for.  I think it may have been someone's extension.  Maybe back in university.  About a hundred years ago.

Chop up some carrots and toss'em in a pot.  Here's where your first variation comes in.  If you are using a soft, not-especially-made-for-cooking apple (like a Mac), cook the carrots first.  Leave them a little undercooked. Then drain the water off.

Then toss in some butter, brown sugar, lemon juice, corn starch, and cinnamon.  Smell that!  Oh, sorry, you can't.  But I bet you wish you could

Then, the apples.  The ratio is roughly 1 1/2 cups of carrot to 1 apple, but don't get too hung up on numbers.  I never do.  Could be why math and I never got along.

Then let them cook away.  The juice from the apples will provide enough cooking liquid.  These apples and carrots were all cooked together, resulting in slightly mushier apples than one might have liked.

Serve them up in your favourite sunflower bowl and ta da!  Food everybody will love!
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