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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Apple Dumplings!

My grandmother used to make these for me, individually freeze them in foil, and bring them to me at university.  I always loved them when she made them fresh at her house, and tasting them while I was away was an incredibly sweet reminder of home.  And again, it was a great way to use up left over pastry

After coring and peeling the apple, you essentially wrap or mould pastry around it.  Very simple.  These little French onion soup bowls work perfect for baking them.  If you want to get creative, roll the apple in cinnamon and brown sugar before wrapping them in pastry.  Stuff the middle with little gobs of butter (no margarine, please), brown sugar, and cinnamon, until full.  At this point, they can be wrapped in foil and frozen  When you are ready to bake them, mix together 2/3 corn syrup to 1/3 water and liberally pour over each one.  Bake at 350 until cooked.  Cooked varies with the size of apple.  When the pastry is nice and golden brown, it is ready.  My grandmother allowed them to cool before serving - I prefer still warm.  Add some nice heavy cream over top, just before serving.

 No, it should be pointed out that, while this is THE superior methodology, my mother-in-law likes to make a caramel sauce (or store bought) sauce after baking, and skips the corn syrup step.  To each their own.  However, I won't be messing with grandma's recipe, and certainly won't be the one to tell her that someone else has either. 1. 2.
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