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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cookie Press Shortbread

I am not sure if these actually qualify as 'true' shortbread, in the Scottish sense of the word.  But this is what we grew up calling them and this is what I and my children shall call them to the third and fourth generation, amen.

The recipe is about as simple as it gets, as shortbread usually is.  The trick lies in the technique.  No overmixing.  Make sure the ingredients are at the right temperature.  Butter must be soft but not oily.

These are the cookies from one batch of dough.  I just split it and added the colour in two separate lots.  The end cookies always end up having a rainbow effect.  My sister and I used to look for these ones especially.

It's important to add just enough dough.  For any of the cookie presses I've used, 2 'shots' were needed to get enough dough onto the cookie tray.  One squeeze of the trigger ended up with separate, tiny bits of dough.  Three squeezes ended up with an indecipherable blob.

The cooking time is approximate, although pretty close.  Don't attempt to adjust the temperature to shorten the time.  It won't work.  These cookies do not have the same affect or taste when browned.  And given the amount of butter in them, that happens easily.  Nor have I found that using parchment to be very effective.  These cookies need to stick directly to an ungreased cookie sheet.

Cookie Press Shortbread
2 1/2 c    pastry flour
1/4 t        salt
1/2 c       icing sugar
1 c          softened butter

Mix all ingredients together, using a stand mixer works best.  Add food colouring if desired.

Bake at 275 for 45 minutes.  Do not allow to brown
These can be decorated with coloured sugar before baking.
Do not refrigerate dough 1. 2.
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