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Friday, January 16, 2009

Let's Hear it for Little Tikes Toys!

For Christmas this year, we bought our daughter a Little Tikes Cook 'n Learn Interactive Kitchen It was absolutely fabulous and a real steal at only $30. We picked it up at a Wal-mart in Windsor when they were renovating, long before we moved. We put it together before the big morning, only to find a part broke as we were assembling it. It was not a crucial part, and so the toy was presented without it. Both kids loved it and have spent numerous hours preparing countless specialties for dolls, bears, grandparents, and house guests, as well as mom and dad. When my husband called the company about a replacement part, they asked if we still had the receipt. He, giving me more credit than I really deserved said 'Sure!'. Having bought it 4 months earlier, before The Big Move, I no longer own it. Another call was met with a 'no problem'. Well, earlier this week, the replacement part arrived, via courier, completely free of charge. Not only did they send us the little knobby thing we had broken, they sent an entire set of replacement parts. Handles, kitchen taps, food, bowls, and cutlery. I am amazed by this company. In a day and age when companies are routinely cheaping out and skimping, Little Tikes has really stayed on top of their game. 1. 2.
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