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Friday, January 16, 2009

OK, this seems to be a bit much

I heard the most absurd thing earlier this week. The upcoming presidential inauguration will likely garner more attention than any White House to-do has since the Kennedys were sworn in. This comes as no surprise. What does surprise, shock, and sadden me, however, is that you can actually register the dress you are wearing. Yes, that's right. You can avoid the life-ending social faux pas of sporting the same frock as someone else by posting your dress on the website Unbelievable. Are we that juvenile? That shallow? Who cares? I somehow doubt anyone else will show up wearing Mrs. Obama's outfit, most there will have spent exorbitant amounts of money on custom gowns. Really, are we in high school again? Is this really amount the same thing as our senior prom? And in this economy, wouldn't it be refreshing to find that someone else has been frugal with their pocket book and purchased off the rack?

Perhaps this is why women don't rule the world yet. We haven't found the right shoes to go with our power outfit... 1. 2.
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