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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So, it would appear our almost 2 year old daughter has started coming between us. For about the last four nights, she has ended up (or even started out), sleeping and not sleeping between us. She has come down with a nasty cold and ear infection. This leaves her making all sorts of sleep disrupting noises and leaving all manner of liquid deposits in our bed. The doctor at the clinic gave us some antibiotics yesterday and I'm hoping we are now starting down the road to recovery. We turned our mattress this morning, hoping it will help us get a better night's sleep. I am not entirely convinced that this is our problem, but we'll see.

I am thinking Poohy is feeling somewhat better. She did manage to give Sir Winston a yogourt facial this morning. She also ate some of it. I guess there was a bit of a trade off there.

Mac and cheese is baking in the oven. Ironing is done. House doesn't entirely look like a toddler bomb went off in here. Not bad.

Peeling carrots has become much safer for I, the Queen of the Knife Cuts. I received this cool gizmo called a Palm Peeler for Christmas. Very nifty, keeps my fingers well away from the blade - an exceptionally good thing. I now find it is available in avocado green. I may need to 'invest' in a second one, just in case... 1. 2.
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