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Friday, April 15, 2011


I don't actually have a recipe to post today.

Instead, I:

1.  Cleaned my house.  Well, thoroughly vacuumed all three floors.  And took a good inch of dust off the horizontal wood-type surfaces.  I wouldn't stop by and use the bathrooms just yet.

2.  Put away the obstacle course of toys that was our basement.

3.  #2 was promptly undone within 10 minutes of the bus arriving.

4.  I helped my daughter pack away her room and find all the clothes for her Daisy doll.

5.  I used my amazing new spray mop to clean my kitchen floor

6.  I did not use my panini press.

7.  I did converse with other parents at the bus stop concerning the absurdly cold temperatures this morning.

8.  I composed what I trust was an intelligent reply to a request for local food information.

9.  I made the post-school gaggle of kids hot chocolate with marshmallows and fed them ice box cookies.

10.  I questioned why I bothered cleaning the house.

11.  At all

12.  I had a power lunch with the wee man

13.  I talked to my sister approximately 5 times.

14.  I attempted to return our neighbour's wandering Scottie dogs.

15.  I finally folded yesterday's laundry.  It still smelled like the outdoors.

16.  I responded to approximately 3,546 requests for assistance from the small people in my world.

17.  I changed wee man's diaper 5 times.  Something is not right with that boy.

18.  I discovered bird poop in the side of my laundry basket.

19.  I entered contests, replied to Twitter feeds, and commented on Facebook posts

20.  I am now going to throw something frozen in the oven and watch some mindless television in my comfy warm house whilst wearing my comfy warm John Deere PJs, remembering that there are a whole lot of people out there who are not nearly as blessed as I am.

Thank you, and good night 1. 2.
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  1. Amen to that Mel! You certainly did get a lot accomplished today! Have you seen my resource list over at my blog for local food?

  2. No, Christine, I haven't had a chance to look at it. I'll bookmark it the next the time the question comes up! Thanks!