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Monday, April 25, 2011

Contest Time! - Cold FX

The cold weather feels like it is hanging around these parts way too long.  This winter season has brought an unprecedented number of sniffles, sneezes, and other bodily fluids to our home.

Given that it is E1's first year of school, I blame him.  Goose and I will pay for his therapy later.

One way to help beat a Canadian cold is with a Canadian product - ColdFX.  It was developed by Canadian scientists using a now patented, and internationally recognized, methodology.  Chemical and Biological Fingerprinting (sounds all CSI-like, huh?) figures out exactly how much active ingredient is in a plant source.  This ensures that any given ColdFX tablet has the exact amount of active ingredient it says it does, thus eliminating one of the pitfalls of naturopathic medicines.

As if the clinical trials and testimonials weren't enough reason to help reduce your dependance on facial tissue, ColdFX is now sponsoring an incredible sweepstakes!