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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Double Hallelujah

Firstly, but not foremost, to be honest, I have my truck back.  The second shop ran a quick computer diagnostic and found out the problem was...drumroll please... the fuel pump module.  For those of you who are not as car savvy as myself, it's a computer do-hickey that tells the fuel pump thing to send gas to the engine.

Or something like that.

At any rate, when it stops working, no gas to the engine.  Truck no go.

Unless you count three guys pushing it across a busy street during rush hour.

At any rate, nothin' good goin' on.

And so, my big brown beast spent the night back in the garage, after one part of the neighbourhood took my children and the other part took me to my vehicle and where we could be reunited with joy.

The second hallelujah is a much sadder one.  On Monday evening, a not so old friend succumbed to the effect of a massive stroke and passed into glory.  He leaves behind his devoted soul mate and four beautiful grown daughters, as well as six grandchildren he adored.  Not to mention a very far stretching community, now in mourning over his passing

Ralph worked with his hands and his heart every day of his life.  Love radiated from him.  Ralph is now with his Saviour, free from physical afflictions, and we who are left behind now wait to be reunited with him.

Ralph is not in glory because he was a good person, or a nice guy, or because he worked hard or loved everyone and everything, though these things are all true.

Ralph is in glory because he trusted in his Lord and Saviour with everything he had.  If you don't know what I mean, have a look here:  John Piper on Salvation

And with that, Hallelujah.  Again.
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