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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pink Lemonade

So my beloved and I received a notice from our local cable/internet/phone provider the other day.  Apparently, they are raising the rates on a number of services.  Not unusual nowadays.  Except the part where we are on a contract.

So, we did what any red blooded Dutch/French household would do.  We called and complained.  Or rather, Goose called and complained.  And he got somewhere.  Along with more long distance phone minutes (yay!) and a reduction on some of the fees, we now get FoodNetwork and HGTV.  Oh, and the Speed Channel.  Yippee

At any rate, E2 watched her very first episode of Cupcake Wars.  She was enthralled.  And immediately declared that she and mummy needed to make cupcakes.  Now.

A quick check of our cake mix supply (hey, I am not superwoman here) revealed a drastic shortage of variety.  So, lemon it was.

I had some icing left over from the last birthday cake, so we quickly turned it a lovely shade of pink.  And voila!  Pink lemonade cupcakes were born.

Please enjoy a few of my girl's lovely creations.

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