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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NHL Players in the Making

(Alternate title:  How I plan to retire rich and early)


Not so very long ago, E1's school sent home an innocent little note.  It stated that all the wee ones would be going skating.  To go, they needed skates.  But if they didn't have skates, they could probably borrow some from school.

They also needed a sports helmet of some sort (bicycle, etc).  But if they didn't have one, to make sure they put the hoods up on their winter jackets.

They also needed gloves and snow pants.  They didn't offer an alternative for that one. Guess they are very serious about this safety measure

At any rate, one of our friends gave E1 a pair of skates their son had outgrown.  We were a little anxious, however, because E1 is not too fond of the unknown.

Our neighbourhood is still under construction.  The lot behind us is a good 6 feet lower in elevation than the lots around it.  A nice little pond has formed there, perfect for the budding NHL players in the area.

Goose had the snow shoveled off a few times.  Then, after one particularly large dumping of snow, another neighbourhood dad got serious about the whole thing and got out his snowblower.  Now that took care of matters.

E3 and I stood inside as cheerleaders for the crew and watched them practise their new skills.

Some of the neighbours joined E1 and E2.  They, too, were anxious to learn to skate.  Their mother, too, was anxious to stay inside and stay warm.

The upright adult to child ratio was a little off.  Assistance was needed.

Out with the folding chair!  This improved things tremendously.

Sometimes, they took turns with the chair, even if they didn't have the skates on.

 Soon, some of them took to the hills.  Or at least the slope that has been formed by the adjoining finished lot.

Eventually, they were all on sleds, their frozen toes and noses forcing them to abandon the ice skating for the day.

In the end, they all returned for hot chocolate and basic household destruction.  And I didn't have to leave my kitchen.
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