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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crisis Averted

So, I went to make my famous, go to, never fail banana bread yesterday

Disregard the 'muffins' part.  It easily makes into a loaf pan and turns out a beautiful banana bread.  It also doubles with no effort at all (except remember to double the ingredients, but at least the math is easy).

However, I got this far when I realized I needed to abort and regroup:

See?  Nice mixture of salvaged bananas (read: about to really stink up the joint and invite every fruit fly north of the 49th parallel to our house for a party but were thrown into the freezer to later be able to redeem themselves).  Lovely.

Except the part where  *gasp* we WERE OUT OF MIRACLE WHIP.  Don't ask me how this happened.  I can barely fathom it.  Even now, a full 24 hours later, I can barely comprehend it.  But it happened.  Shhh, do not tell my relatives.  I might be disowned.  My only excuse is that I am not making many macaroni salads in January.

At any rate, I had to move on.  And then I found this long forgotten little gem:

So I went with it.  Turns out, it is just as tasty and has merits all its own

I will grant you that the first few ingredients, when mixed together, do not necessarily form an appetizing mixture.  Especially in light of last week's flu epidemic here, but I digress

I use a mixture of whole wheat and all purpose flour.  I find it to be the right balance between nutty, nutritious flavour, and a not too dense texture.

The finished product.  I also add chocolate chips, just to make sure things don't get too healthy around here.  The shortening, especially using a butter flavoured shortening, gives it a lovely crunch on the outside.  I am contemplating sprinkling the pan and the top with a little sugar next time just to see how it goes.  I'm all traditional like that.

This loaf freezes very well.  I wrap mine in plastic wrap then in foil and toss it in the deep freeze.  Lasts for ages, very well.  And thaws out beautifully, not all wet and gummy.


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  1. I've never made a banana bread with Miracle Whip. I always use this banana bread recipe. Did you like your original recipe or this one you tried better for freezing?

  2. I prefer the overall taste of the Miracle Whip one, but the outside crunch of the second one is pretty awesome. Both freeze really well, as long as they are wrapped properly, not kept in a frost free freezer, and allowed to thaw well.